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  • What insurance is accepted?
    Our Residential Care only accepts private pay, unless approved by the VA. Our Care Center accepts both private pay and Medicaid.
  • What is the difference between the Care Center and the Residential Care?
    The resident is completely responsible for Residential Care payment; it is private pay only unless approved through the VA. It is independant living in a our studio apartment with plenty of services and amenities that are included. The Care Center is our nursing home that provides assisted living to residents who may need it, while also being encouraged independently. There are many services and ammenities that are offered for them as well. The care center accepts both private pay and Medicaid.
  • Can I visit before making my decision to move?
    Yes, absolutely. We strongly encourage you to please call us so that we can schedule a tour for you or your family.
  • What is the deposit for Residential Care?
    At this time, our studio apartments require no deposit.
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